Wind Magic

Wind magic is the fastest of all the magical disciplines and is difficult to control, but not so difficult as fire. As a result, it's practitioners manifest their powers quickly and often in a variety of ways, but the particulars of wind magic mean that it frequently follows a certain pattern.

Wind adepts are often a rebellious, footloose sort. Their powers come to them in their early teens and begin the seriously manifest soon after. Noticable capabilities often include a very sociable nature and a tendency and great capability for lying. Wind adepts often lie when there is no particular need for it, just to see if it will work. Storytelling, poetry and singing are other skills adepts of the wind frequently nurture. Their hearing is also quite excellent and they frequently master a number of languages. They often display a disturbing capacity for stealth and move with next to no sound.

In short, Wind adepts love trouble. They move quickly between areas and are often on the run from whatever mayhem they have caused in the next town over. They use their affable nature to work their way into the good graces of whatever environs they are surrounded by, turn them against each other, steal everything that isn't nailed down and are gone before the suspicion finally falls on them.

As such, wind adepts are rarely welcome by established authorities and more severe regimes (especially those who believe strongly in predestination) tend to send them to the stake. Of course, that does not mean that there is no use for such individuals.

The Catholic church realised long ago that attempting to force wind adepts to stay in one particular spot would only lead them to cause even more trouble, as such, the order dedicated to their instruction is a medicant order of travelling friars. They will pass between villages, looking for tales of some handsome rogue and slowly track them down, once caught, they are gently offered the oppertunity to assist in a good cause. Those who reject this proposal often find themselves the victims of unfortunate accidents.

Wind adepts are not a subtle weapon, their training is, for the most part, on the job, and they are most often employed by sending them to the capital of an enemy with orders to raise hell.



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