The Dockside Inn

The Sie Gibt is an Inn located just off the main dockside thouroughfare in Hamburg.

As buildings go, it's pretty difficult to miss. A large, two story town house with a an imposing wooden finger pointing toward the door and "You There!" written upon it, many a weary traveller is inclined to stop in just to see what the sign is challenging them about.

One stepping in the always open door of the Sie Gibt, no matter the hour, you will always find a lively atmosphere. A massive fire is always burning at the centre of the large common room and the building is perpetually lit by a carpet of candles of all kinds. The tables and boards are always covered with small piles of tallow from the candles. The light, even from poor quality candles and oil lamps, is still quit good, which leads many to feel happy enough gaming and talking well into the small hours. The proprieter keeps these sources of light perpetually lit, allegedly being able to light a candle in the rain with but a snap of his finger.

There is a bar at the far end of the common room where one can purchase a range of spirits. Hamburg law requires that all ales and beers be brewed on the premises, which means that frequently the proprieter will invite brewmasters from far and wide to work their magic on the premises. Few people talk of his single abortive attempt to make his own brew. There is also a good selection of wines and other beverages as well as a few stranger drinks from farther afeild.

Hungry patrons can purchase food aswell, there is a cookshop at the back of the premises. Ironically, despite the fact that the common room is filled with flammable material, it is the cookshop that is the biggest hazard. Currently the entire enterprise is being managed in the yard for the inn, where the bedraggled cook is trying to build up a stockpile of cooked meats and non perishable food, sure in the knowledge that the his little workspace will soon go up in flames for the fifth time.

Private rooms are available, though most are happy enough to sleep in the common room. A few pennies secures them one of the warmest sleeping spots in the city, if you can block out the constant chatter.

The proprieter of the Sie Gibt is one of the eduring faces of the place and is widely beleived to be as mad as a spanish inquisitor in a house of ill repute. His memory is famous, he can accurately recall every hat that the Holy Roman Emperor wore during the month of July, yet, within the same fifteen seconds, be completely unable to recall who the Emperor is or over what realm he rules. His mind is a constantly turning stew of stories, real and contrived and he is constantly looking for new brick-a-brack to decorate the inn with. In particular, there are small constructions he calls "tanke" littered on the tables and around the bar. They also feature in many of the paintings lining the walls. Wise patrons know not to get him started on these.

Amongst his other hobbies is gathering together groups of random individuals for "adventures". His far reaching ear for news means that he always knows somewhere there is trouble brewing. Anyone taking him seriously on these matters had best be careful though, lest they find themselves on the next ship to the new world with a broken chisel and half an apple.

The yard of the Sie Gibt is small compared to other inns, since many of the patrons come from ship board transport, it is frequently unused, though the owner is happy enough to let it be used for whatever double dealings locals have in mind. Trouble doesn't make itself, after all.

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