Limerick is a city in the west of Ireland on the River Shannon. Originally a Viking settlement, the town prospered as a trading post under the Normans, though it still contains a small Danish community. Currently it is split into two sections, English and Irish town.

It is notable for its imposing castle, built by the English King John in 1200 and for having one of the oldest town charters in Europe. The only entrance to the city through its two well defended bridges over the Shannon and its magnificent marble walls are one of the wonders of Ireland. It can be considered nearly impregnable to assault without inside assistance.

With the absence of English authority and the Desmond's usually staying closer to Cork, Limerick is virtually a self governing city-state under its mayortly.

Currently, the town has fallen into the hands od Patrick Fanning's rebellion after a stunning assault that captured the city quickly though only with the help of its population.



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