Irish Forests

While Ireland has been increasing its mortal population ever since it was first settled, much of the island is still covered in woods and dense forest. Reclamation is slow due to their reputation.

The forests are the home of the fey, one of their last great strongholds in all of Europe. They cover much of the center of Ireland and much of the west. While nothing is known for certain, they are belived to hold a vast variety of different species that have long been extinct on mainland Europe. For the mortal population, daring to cross the eaves is asking for trouble. Those who go into the depths of the forests do not often return. Those that do are changed.

The forests are the home of the great fey sister Fodhla. The inner workings of the forests politics and its royalty are a mystery. For now "Silken" Thomas Fitzgerald, recently ensnared by Fodhla, has become its leader in a time of crisis.



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