A moderetly sized Island on the periphery of Europe, to the west of Britain. Nominally under the control of England who claim the entire island but whose influence does not stretch much furthur then the walls of The Pale, a border incompassing a section of the east coast which includes the island's largest city Dublin.

The rest of the country is rules by a selection of native Kings whose lines date back to the Celts such as the O' Neills, Kings of Tir Eoghain in the North, and a number of English supported Earls who keep the place under control while acknowledging the overlordship of the English. These include the Earl of Desmond in the south western province of Munster and the Earl of Kildare, closer to the Pale.

Ireland is a place renowed for its magical properties and history being one of the chief habitats of fey creatures who take advantage of the extensive woods and remote locations on the island. Until recently these fey have been scattered and leaderless, tending to shy away from contact with mankind.

The port town of Galway on the West Coast is an Elves trading post, one of the first established. Their are also rumors of a small colony of Dwarves working in the Irish mountains. Other notable places include Cork, Kilkenny, Maynooth, Derry and Limerick.

While much of Ireland's history is shrouded in mystery, recent events have shown that 3 powerful renegade Fey sisters - Eriu, Banba and Fodhla - are tied to the island for some reason and have consistently squabbled amongst themselves for it typically using whatever residents are present as pawns in their never ending war.

Recently, this conflict has erupted anew, with Ireland being torn between 4 factions. In the south, Eriu's champion Patrick Fanning has captured Limerick and proclaimed Ireland to be a free nation. In the North Conn O' Neill King of Tir Eoghain, being urged on by the insidious Banba, has called a crusade against all magical creatures on the island. In the fey world, Fodhla has chosen Thomas Fitzgerald, heir to the Earldom of Kildare as the new leader of her magical army. The English behind the Pale wall, distraght by the chaos outside are considering their next move following the arrival of new Lord Lt, Henry Fitzroy, the illigitimate son of Henry VIII who has vowed to pacify Ireland.



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