World Concept.
What it is we're up to on Steinstreet...
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So what is this project?
420by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
20 Feb 2011 22:37Jump!
314by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
18 Oct 2009 20:22Jump!
Life in Hamburg
Getting around in a low magic fantasy setting...
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What "normal" life is like in Hamburg, feel free to suggest stuff or bring in your own facts.
27by lazy Aido (guest)
21 Nov 2009 10:41Jump!
The state of the city circa 1529, population, demographics etcetera. Here's where you can find out about interesting places and help rewrite the city map!
13by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
05 Aug 2009 22:17Jump!
The World at Large
Messing about with the fate of nations...
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Plenty of stuff happening at this time, here's the place to mention them and see if we can't incorperate it into the general background.
327by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
10 Oct 2009 16:21Jump!
Got a hero? Someone you think deserves more recognition, or maybe you think someone would have been more interesting if they could shoot lightning from their eyeballs. Here's the place to discuss your respective people.
846by HandsofBlueHandsofBlue
21 Nov 2009 23:33Jump!
Discuss a state, city, or even a town! Talk about various countries and how they change from the norm
784by HandsofBlueHandsofBlue
13 Jan 2010 12:30Jump!
Axis of the World
Magic, faith, money and war. How the important stuff works.
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So how does magic work? Get in here to find out!
836by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
12 Oct 2009 13:32Jump!
Dwarves, elves and fey are all part of the world, here's where you can find out more...
416by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
12 Oct 2009 13:01Jump!
Faith is everywhere in early modern Europe, ignore it at your peril!
612by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
12 Dec 2009 16:48Jump!
Techie stuff.
Site upside down, spitting lemon juice or generally not working, or you have technical question? Post here and hope someone other than Aido answers.
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Here's where you put your questions!
11100by HandsofBlueHandsofBlue
13 Nov 2009 11:47Jump!
General Chat
Got something to talk about that has absolutely nothing to do with an early modern fantasy setting? I suppose we have to put it somewhere...
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750by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
24 Oct 2009 16:39Jump!
The Library
The collected works of all the people here. We hope to provide you with some happy browsing!
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Short and sweet conditions for submitting work.
11by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
04 Aug 2009 13:07Jump!
1535by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
25 Dec 2009 21:20Jump!
The many and interesting races of An.
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The inhabitants of the treetops.
12by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
23 Feb 2011 09:01Jump!
The farmers of the Arx and residents of the trunks
No description necessary really...
11by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
20 Feb 2011 22:49Jump!
The white plague of An.
Poor silly humans...
The various layers of the world under the the An.
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What lurks under the groundsmog? Probably spiders...
11by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
21 Feb 2011 21:18Jump!
What fill the space between the trunks?
The roots of the canopy
Life close to heaven...
Where the An is not there to protect you, who knows what happens?
An-The Planet
Discuss the various influences from and on the planet of An.
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A suitable site for some fairly volcanic discussion, aha, I made a funny.
Not like the kind of thing at a party, we mean like, air and stuff.
All the fun of a normal solar cycle, but doubled!
11by Crazy AidoCrazy Aido
21 Feb 2011 21:28Jump!

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