One of the three great fey sisters of Ireland along with Eriu and Banba.

Fodhla is the most magically attuned of the three to the extent that she rarely leaves the confines of the Irish forests. Her allies are the magical creatures of Ireland's woods. Their are even rumors that some elvish clans worship her. Her command of magic is extensive, espcially in regard to control of mortal emotions, most prominently those of love and lust. Recently she has begun luring young Irish nobles into the forests and merging them with the local population.

When she does appear as more then a voice amidst the leaves, she is an extension of the forest itself with green hair and brown skin. Her aim is to return the entire island of Ireland back into the hands of the fey as it was in times long past. To this end she has ensnared Thomas Fitzgerald, known as "Silken Tom", heir to the Earldom of Kildare as her champion in the coming fight.



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