Dwarves are, more important than these facts, extremely rare, probably numbering only one or two million worldwide. Added to this is that aside from some mountain smallholdings for farming purposes, they remain mostly underground. Both these facts mean that the average peasent will never see one and is quite content to beleive they do not exist.

This of course, does not mean they have no influence on the world at large.

Dwarf engineering is mind boggling, they have mastered a number of technologies and machines that realistically don't come on the scene for another few centuries. In particular they have a number of massively destructuve war engines, these rarely see deployment, but dwarves point to their development during a black period in their history that they don't have fond memories of. Of course, they keep the construction and operation of these marvels a secret.

Dwarves are also strongly involved on the international trade scene. They produce the most wonderous firearms and weapons the world has ever seen, these, along with the massive amount of metal ore that they mine, means that most empires are quick to secure both trade agreements and living arrangements for their dwarf inhabitants. Large cities and capitals might have a small dwarf corner of the city, with solid, squat houses made from heavy stone. There you can secure some of the best metal working and engineering skill in the world, but at an absolutely exhorbitant fee. They might be inclined to lower their prices when they're trading for two staples that their world spanning empire is constantly in need of, food and timber.

The dwarves are fairly unified as a race, when they act they are usually considerate of the races interests as a whole. Of late, there has been some friction between them and certain Elven Enclaves. As dwarf influence stretches towards the sea, elf piracy and salt monopolies have caused them to eye the sea-kin with suspicion.



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