The kingdom of Denmark occupies the Jutland peninsula on the northern edge of mainland Europe as well as many surrounding islands. It is currently ruled by an aging King Frederick I after his nephew Christian II was forced to abdicate by disloyal nobles due to his war and subsequent loss to Viken. Christian now lives in Lier in the Netherlands, ever seeking imperial aid in reclaiming his kingdom.

Meanwhile the reformation has come to Denmark in force, first begun by the charismatic and influential monk Hans Tausen. Tausen was even appointed royal chaplain to keep the mobs happy. He has begun issuing statements of closure to Franciscan orders who collect food and clothing above and beyond the already existing tithes, however while the mob closes these with unnecessary force, no monks have died, yet.

Abroad Denmark seeks to regain a dominant place in trade in the Baltic and North Seas, and across the straits to Viken and the Holy Roman Empire and Hamburg to the south.


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